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Immigrating to Canada

Welcome to This website is operated by Carpenter & Carleton Ltd.

Carpenter & Carleton have been assisting Canadians and individuals wanting to immigrate to Canada for over 22 years. Our experience enables us to guide you through the process of immigrating to Canada. Our expertise and knowlege of the Canadian and Provincial Government's rules and processes will enable us to guide you through your application to immigrate to Canada.

Our indepth knowledge of the the appeal process and judicial system enables us to represent your rights as a prospective Canadian. Please reveiw our testimonials to see what individuals like you have said about our services.

Canada has a proud tradition of welcoming immigrants. Our immigration system, refugee system and network of organizations to help newcomers settle and integrate are among the best in the world.

One of every six Canadian residents was born outside the country. Immigration has helped to make Canada a culturally rich, prosperous and progressive nation.

To learn about the different ways individuals can qualify to immigrate to Canada please review the summaries below.

Carpenter & Carleton is here to answer your questions and provide the assistance you need to start a new life in Canada. Please feel free to call us or contact one of our consultants.


Peter Carpenter
is a member of ICCRC

did you know
  • Canada sees rise in foreign worksers
    OTTAWA—The number of foreign workers in Canada tripled between 2002 and 2012 the parliamentary budget office reported.

    It said more and more foreign workers are filling skilled positions today, as the percentage of low-skilled jobs has declined. Read more

  • New Legislation was introduced by the Federal Government of Canada.
    Our site reflects these new changes. This new legislation has changed many of the regulations and qualifications for immigrating to Canada.

  • We hope our web site provides you with the information you need to decide to immigrate to our wonderful, mulitcultural country.

  • If you are ready, then so is Carpenter and Carleton to make your move as easy as possible.