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Immigrating to Canada

Immigration and Citizenship

Common Application Mistakes

Factors that may delay processing of your application

  • insufficient postage
  • incomplete or unsigned application forms
  • incorrect or missing fees
  • incorrect, incomplete address or failure to notify the visa office of a change of address
  • missing documents
  • unclear photocopies of documents
  • documents not accompanied by a certified English or French translation
  • verification of information and documents provided
  • a medical condition that may require additional tests or consultations
  • a criminal or security problem
  • family situations such as impending divorce, or custody or maintenance issues
  • completion of legal adoption
  • consultation is required with other offices in Canada and abroad
  • inquiring about the status of your application before the standard processing time has elapsed
  • you are not a permanent resident of the country in which you currently reside


Peter Carpenter
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did you know
  • New Legislation was introduced by the Federal Government of Canada. Our site reflects these new changes. This new legislation has changed many of the regulations and qualifications for immigrating to Canada.

  • We hope our web site provides you with the information you need to decide to immigrate to our wonderful, mulitcultural country.

  • If you are ready, then so is Carpenter and Carleton to make your move as easy as possible.